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Program Highlights

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The key highlights of the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program is our on-ground courses taught by high-level working professionals and the class project where the student teams present their final results to VCs.

Is this program for you?
If you answer"Yes" to any of the questions below, then the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program is for you!

  • Is your career keeping pace with that of your peers?
  • Do you understand the intricacies of the key functions within your company?
  • Are you looking to jumpstart your knowledge and network as well as your career?
  • Are you playing on someone else's field instead of your own?
  • Do you find it difficult to spare one-two years and $50,000-$80,000 for an MBA degree?


Selected Student & Instructors Testimonials
"As a new CFO, I just passed my 1-year mark. I'm still a person in transition, making the jump from the super-controller role to the CFO role. This program has helped me understand what to expand in my role and what to expect from my peers. The real world hands-on experience of the instructors has been invaluable. Seeing failure and success has been great. They have been an inspiration."
Scott Cross, CFO, Autotradecenter

"I had very high expectations and they were exceeded. I got everything out of this program that I had hoped for and more, including a new job at which I was moved in line for a promotion after the first 4 months."
Kellie McKeown, Engineering Director, TiVo

"I've been watching this program for two years and finally made the time to attend. My only disappointment is waiting so long. Not only was the quality of the instructors top-notch, so was the quality of the presentation material and the books. An unexpected surprise was the quality of the peers. I'm a technical person, and wanted to continue to climb in the technical ranks. With the knowledge from this program, I've decided to move in another direction."
Jyoti Pande, ERP Implementation at Sun Microsystems

"The program was extremely valuable for me. I was blown away from the first session and it continued from there. Got promoted to a director based on the knowledge I've been able to apply from this program to my job."
Satya Dodda, QA Director, J2EE App Server, Sun Micro Systems, Inc.

"As I grew up and saw my father run a couple of small businesses he owns in my native country, I understood what he did and his rationale fairly well. Throughout my career in US I found that businesses were run differently here. But, I couldnt completely understand the rationale behind some aspects of the day to day operation or division of labor across the company. I took, almost to completion, the Executive MBA at a US University, but it failed to address some of the questions I had. The thing I liked most about the SVEBP program is the clarity with which I could understand how to run the business. Things happening at my company, good/bad, etc. are much more relevant than before. The classes are short and the directness of the program makes it easier to get working knowledge. The MBA was too theoretical at times."
Luis Roa, Sr. Director of Software Engineering, Ditech Networks

"The real draw that totally fulfilled my expectations was the real-world presentations. This has been an excellent opportunity for that purpose. Having been to other kinds of professional programs, this is the best experience I've had and I strongly recommend it."
David Seregow, President, Attaine Performance Corporation

"The SVEBP offers a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned industry professionals in a very interactive environment. Each session offers a different insight on the interworkings and interrelationships at the executive level by the executives themselves. You can ask the probing questions and receive frank answers on the successes and failures that the executives have faced over the last few years. Through these sessions one begins to truly understand how effective teams operate at the executive level. As I reflect upon my own organization, I now have a better appreciation for the executive activity that happens outside my scope of vision while at the same time it has prepared me to step into the executive role."
Dennis Martin, Sr. Director of Manufacturing Operations, Ditech Communications

"The content of the SVEBP is current and tied back to real-world scenarios rather than textbook theory. I was able to apply many of the techniques immediately in my daily work. In addition, the group project provided a great challenge - we prepared a business plan and pitch to real VC's for a real company seeking venture funding. The experience was both fun and immensely rewarding."
Ian Simmonds, VP Custom Solutions, InsureWorx Inc.

"My fellow student's experience and contributions were invaluable. The knowledge and tools were a tremendous asset to my Startup Company. I personally gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in a few short months! It was a crash course MBA! I submitted my Startup for a case study and it was chosen. The plan and information gave my company hours and hours of objective consulting that would have cost the company a small fortune!"
Dana Schroeder- Director of Sales and Partner at FreeHand Systems

"Having institutors who have been executive officers, provide insight into these position not easily obtained from reading books. You feel that you are getting inside information from the top."
Michael Hollar, Sr. Manager, Security & Certification, Symbol Technologies, Inc.

"After five years of working for an international venture capital firm, I felt I needed much more than the occasional training session and workshop. With the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program, I found a program that would allow me to stay in business while giving me an edge!"
Katja Gehrt, Marketing, 3i Corporation

"Coming from years in engineering management roles, I needed to round out my business management skills. This program gave me exactly that, using a well-focused and practical approach, all successfully presented in the context of today's accelerating rate of technological changes in the business management world."
Yoed Nehoran, Engineering Director

"For people in the SW industry, managers or directors, its' an excellent way to expand your business knowledge… the industry is increasingly expecting sound business plans and justifications from Engineering Management, for the Software they build ."
Michael Joss, OpenWave

"What a great way for students to learn what its really about!"
Rich Brenner, CEO, The Brenner Group, Inc. and Facilitating the CFO Module

"I'm very pleased to be associated with the Silicon Valley Executive Business Program. I'm particularly impressed with the quality of the other faculty, content, and structure. It's an exceptional program meeting a real need in the marketplace."
Michael Griego, President, MXL Partners and Facilitating the Chief Revenue Officer Module


Program Description:
The Silicon Valley Executive Business Program is a new and unique program exploring business from the perspective of the CEO and the CEO's staff.

You will learn from and understand what real CEOs are looking for in their people and organizations, especially from C-Level Staff (CXOs). Listen to what a CEO (Chief Executive Officer), a CSO (Chief Strategy Officer), a CPO (Chief People Officer), a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and other CXOs require to successfully lead and manage the business.

The Executive Business Program is designed to provide managers and professionals with a broad overview of the key concepts, tools and techniques needed to successfully meet the challenges of today's global business environment.

Individual courses will give you the knowledge you need to work cross-functionally within your own organization and become more skilled in the basics of accounting, finance, human resources management, marketing and more.

Today's managers need applicable knowledge and skills to navigate their organizations through an ever-changing and dynamic global business environment.

In particular, new managers must be able to analyze financial data, develop a vision and strategy, and assess as well as implement marketing processes to lead their global organizations to optimal performance.

This is a cohort program where students go through the program as a group working on team projects throughout the term. The class size will be kept small to ensure robust interaction among students and instructors.


Program Benefits:
You will:

  1. Acquire a strong foundation in the basic principles of business finance, marketing, management and leadership.
  2. Learn to align operational objectives with business goals and growth strategies.
  3. Enhance creative thinking and decision-making skills to solve real, complex challenges.
  4. Understand, develop, measure and apply a strategic focus to corporate financials.
  5. Identify the most effective business tools and strategies to help your organization establish a competitive advantage.
  6. Apply a broad spectrum of competencies, skills and knowledge through a project-based learning experience.
  7. Complete a comprehensive project that is defended in front of a panel of industry experts and instructors.
  8. Work with a mentor/advisor to discuss project and curriculum applications.
  9. Develop a larger network of fellow students and instructors to tap for future opportunities.
  10. Obtain access to additional resources, including Web-based courses, recommended readings and books to continue learning upon completion of the program.


Target Audience:

  1. High potential Silicon Valley professionals moving into business management positions
  2. Experienced managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to enhance their business skills
  3. Potential future MBA candidates or managers needing advanced management courses
  4. Professionals who wish to update their business skill sets in order to work more effectively at their positions and advance their careers
  5. Engineers, technologists and scientists who need to understand the business mission, strategy and financial management of their company
  6. CEOs and their staff that want to more intimately understand the intricacies of the key roles, responsibilities and best practices of their peers


Executive Business Program Pre-Requisites:
Applicants should have: 5-7 years business experience. The primary reason is that we don't cover the basic fundamentals in the program.


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